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      1. Newchoice Pipe
        New Energy Automobile

        Power assembly system for new energy automobile

        Green travel with whole series products

        Core advantages

        It can satisfy the different demands of customers by providing passenger cars, buses and cargo vans with power assembly solutions of electric power, hybrid power and supporting core technologies

        DAT automatic transmission

        Climbing has never been so easy

        Core advantages

        Faster to shift gears, with a higher efficiency, a strong climbing performance, more cost-saving, more reliable Its climbing performance is 30% higher than the direct-driving system, but reduces the power consumption by 15-30%.

        Electric car battery series

        The globally exclusive super lithium manganate technology works for you

        Core advantages

        With a super performance, it has a service life of 2,000 cycles, so it can guarantee a travel distance of 200,000 km in 5 years or 120,000 km in 8 years.Super cost-saving, it can realize a cost of lithium ion battery of 0.8 Yuan/Wh by 2020.With a super second life, after the battery is recycled and renovated with unique technology, it can realize 1,500 cycles and preserve 80% of the power.

        AEBS control system (automatic driving + intelligent energy saving)

        Experience the future travel mode

        Core advantages

        Emergency pre-warning, active safety, intelligent energy saving, reducing power consumption by 10%